A Bus Capsizes In Peru Leaving 20 Dead

A bus capsizes in Peru, leaving 20 dead. There are fourteen people injured after the accident.

At least twenty people died and another fourteen were injured this Monday in a traffic accident in Peru, after an interprovincial bus overturned on the border of the Sihuas and Pomabamba provinces, in the northern region of Ancash, according to official sources.

The spectacular accident occurred around 7:00 local time (12:00 GMT), when a bus of the Fama Tours transport company overturned. According to local media, the vehicle was returning from the towns of Huanchayllo and Parobamba towards Lima, after the passengers voted for the general elections held the day before in the country.

The District Municipality of Parobamba assured through social networks that eighteen people died at the scene of the accident and another two lost their lives while being transferred to the nearest health center along with the other fourteen injured. So far the municipal authorities have only identified fourteen of the eighteen fatalities, including relatives who were traveling together on the bus, as well as a father and son.

In a statement, the Superintendency of Land Transportation of People, Cargo and Merchandise (Sutran) detailed that the corresponding health authorities mobilized an ambulance and personnel from the Chinchobamba Health Center to help the injured, who were treated at the Sihuas Hospital. Members of the National Police and some local authorities also traveled to the scene of the events.

Accidents of this magnitude are common on the roads of Peru , caused mostly by the recklessness of drivers, the poor condition of the roads and the vehicle fleet, and the harsh conditions of the geography. Every year around 3,000 people die on its roads in traffic accidents, the majority due to run over, and some 55,000 are injured, according to figures from the National Road Safety Council.

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