Police Kill Gun Student At Tennessee High School

Police kill gun student at Tennessee high school. The incident occurred in Austin-East Knoxville, which this year has lost three students to firearms. In the shooting, an agent was injured, whose life is not in danger, the armed young man has died and another is arrested.

The violence with firearms , the epidemic unsolvable in the United States, has returned to resurface another day in the country and, again, in an education center. This time the scene has been the Austin-East Magnet Institute, in Knoxville (Tennessee ), where so far this year three students, aged 15 and 16, have died in separate incidents with firearms, although those cases happened outside from the school grounds.

This Monday the police went to the educational center after receiving the alert shortly after 3 in the afternoon that there was someone armed. Upon arrival, according to a police statement, the agents exchanged shots with the suspect, a high school student who had locked himself in a bathroom.

He has refused to go out and has opened fire on the policemen, who have killed him. An agent has also been hit in the shooting by a bullet but his life is not in danger.

No one else has been injured, although fears of a greater tragedy had initially been raised when police spoke of “multiple victims”.

Last week, and after other recent mass shootings in Atlanta (Georgia) and Boulder (Colorado) , US President Joe Biden announced the adoption by decree of six measures to try to increase gun control in the country.

Although they are modest initiatives, Biden said they are only the first and urged Congress to advance legislation that would be more effective. Biden defined the problem of gun violence not only as an “epidemic” but also as “an international disgrace . ”

That same day, the Governor of Tennessee, Republican Bill Lee, signed a state law that goes into effect July 1 that authorizes anyone over the age of 21 to carry guns, concealed or exposed, without the need to undergo training or criminal background check.

This Monday, before all the details of the incident at the institute were known, the governor has asked ” prayers for the situation and for the families and victims who may be affected.”

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