Prince Harry Pays Tribute To His Grandfather Without Meghan Markle

The princes Guillermo and Enrique have paid this Monday an emotional tribute to their grandfather Felipe , husband of Queen Elizabeth II, whose death at the age of 99 has brought them together for the first time since the minor left the British royal family a few months ago.

After arriving in London from California, where he now lives with his wife Meghan, Enrique, 36, referred to his late grandfather as a ” man of service, honor and a great sense of humor . ”

His 38-year-old brother Guillermo, second in line to the throne after his father Carlos, and with whom he does not have a very good relationship, has stated that he will miss this “extraordinary man.” “I know he would have wanted us to continue with our work,” he added. The House of Lords and the House of Commons shortened their Easter holidays on Monday to hold a tribute at the Palace of Westminster.

Enrique’s return for the funeral, for the first time since he left royalty a year ago, has rekindled hope for a family reconciliation after the recent controversy over the interview granted by the former royal partner to Oprah Winfrey . His 39-year-old wife Meghan, pregnant with their second child, stayed in the United States after the doctor advised her not to travel, Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, known for his sometimes provocative language, recalled during the tribute some of the politically incorrect phrases of Prince Felipe who with his particular sense of humor, he said, only sought to “break the ice” and remove rigidity from situations tense.

Minute of silence
Shortly before, the Scottish Autonomous Parliament has observed a minute of silence to honor the former Duke of Edinburgh, in a commemoration also held in the regional chambers of Wales and Northern Ireland.

Having served at a very young age as a naval officer in World War II, Philip “faced the challenge of being the husband of a powerful woman at a time when it was something even more exceptional than today,” said the Scottish Prime Minister, the independentista Nicola Sturgeon. “However, the Duke of Edinburgh was devoted to supporting the queen” with whom he formed “a true partnership,” he stressed.

The death of Felipe on Friday left a “great void” in the life of Elizabeth II, with whom he was married for 73 years, said his son Andrés , retired from public life since 2019 after the scandal caused by his friendship with the deceased. American financier Jeffrey Epstein , accused of trafficking in minors.

Eduardo, fourth and last son of Prince Felipe and Isabel II, spoke for his part of the “terrible shock ” that the family “is trying to take on.” The day before, the heir to the crown, Carlos, 72, confessed that he missed his “dear papa” a lot. “You know (that one day or another) it’s going to happen, but you’re never ready,” said her sister, Princess Anne.

Historical picture
On Saturday, Princes Henry and William will follow their grandfather’s coffin on foot to St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle where the ceremony will take place. An image that will remember the two of them walking behind the coffin of their mother, Diana of Wales, after her death in 1997 in Paris.

“They are both very aware of their common history and will no doubt remember the place their grandfather has occupied in their lives. There is hope that on an occasion like this, when the brothers are united in grief, they will take a new course”, a source from the monarchy told The Mirror newspaper.

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