Seven Pre-Cruise Essentials: What You Should Know Before Departure

Cruise travel suits those who enjoy relaxing, socializing, and admiring the ocean. (Photo via

Cruise travel offers luxury, fine dining, and the convenience of visiting multiple destinations. Passengers should remember seven key points for a smooth journey.

Boston, MA (ADH News) – As the tourism industry continues to develop, more and more individuals are opting for travel abroad. Have you ever thought about trying sea cruise travel, in addition to group tours or independent journeys? According to data, in 2023, 31.5 million passengers have already taken cruises, and the expected number for 2024 will reach 35.7 million.

In recent years, cruise travel has become increasingly popular. According to data from the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), it is estimated that 35.7 million passengers will take cruises in 2024, and an additional 4 million new cruise passengers will be added in 2025.

Many people choose to travel by cruise ship because of the all-inclusive service, where accommodation, dining, and entertainment are all provided onboard and included in the ticket price, making it an economically affordable and leisurely vacation.

However, before embarking on a cruise, passengers should also pay attention to the following seven key points to ensure a pleasant and smooth journey:

1. Destination and Itinerary:

When choosing a cruise, it is essential to determine the desired destinations and routes and the attractions and ports of call along the way.

2. Budget:

Cruise travel costs include fares, gratuities, additional service fees, and shore excursion expenses, so it’s essential to consider the budget in advance.

3. Ship Selection:

Cruise ships offer different styles and facilities, so it’s essential to consider your preferences and needs when choosing.

4. Onboard Activities:

Confirm whether onboard activities and entertainment facilities cater to your interests to maximize your cruise travel experience.

5. Dining: 

Inquire about the dining options available onboard, including formal dinners, buffets, and specialty restaurants, to satisfy your culinary preferences.

6. Health and Safety: 

Pay attention to the medical services and safety measures onboard the cruise ship, and prepare necessary medications and insurance documents.

7. Booking Timing: 

Booking a cruise in advance can secure better prices and room choices, avoiding last-minute rush before departure.

Cruise travel suits those who enjoy relaxation and socializing and are interested in marine landscapes. Whether you are a couple, family, group of friends, or solo traveller, you can find a suitable cruise journey for yourself. However, as cruising involves being at sea, passengers prone to seasickness may take more consideration. It is recommended to carefully evaluate and plan before departure to make the journey more memorable and enjoyable.

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