World’s 50 Best Hotels: 5 Asian Properties in Top 10

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Are you pleased with the lodging experience at Asian hotels? The World’s 50 Best Hotels has been released, and 5 hotels in Asia have entered the top 10 rankings. The top five hotels are Passalacqua Hotel in Italy, Rosewood Hong Kong, Four Seasons Bangkok at Chao Phraya River, The Upper House in Hong Kong, and Aman Tokyo in Japan.

Taipei, Taiwan (ADH News) – Curious to find out which hotels people find worth staying in? The World’s 50 Best Hotels is released. A total of 18 hotels in Asia are on the list, of which 5 hotels are in the top 10. The first-place hotel is the Passalacqua Hotel located on the shores of Lake Como, a famous tourist attraction in Italy. The second and fourth places are Rosewood Hotel and The Upper House in Hong Kong. The third place is Four Seasons Bangkok at Chao Phraya River and the fifth place is Aman Tokyo, Japan.

Top Five of the World’s Best Hotels in 2023

  • Passalacqua Hotel in Italy: This hotel was transformed from a historic 18th-century villa and the former residence of composer Vincenzo Bellini. The hotel is located close to the shores of Lake Como and is in a spectacular terraced garden. With just 24 rooms, it showcases fine Italian craftsmanship amid opulent baroque elegance.
  • Rosewood Hong Kong: After opening in 2019, its 65-storey tower has become a striking addition to the Hong Kong skyline. Offering an understated luxury hotel experience with stunning views of Victoria Harbor as the backdrop. Incorporating contemporary artworks into the traditional Chinese octagonal design that symbolizes auspiciousness, it has become the best hotel in Asia this year.
  • Four Seasons Bangkok at Chao Phraya River: Located on the Chao Phraya River, it is constructed with lots of glass, smooth marble, high ceilings, and huge building blocks. The hotel features a multi-level pool area framed by palm trees, a Mediterranean-style garden, and a health spa center inspired by ancient Thai spas. It becomes a well-designed vacation oasis in the middle of a busy city.
  • The Upper House in Hong Kong: Known as cutting-edge creative floating above Victoria Harbour, it is located high above Pacific Place in Admiralty. Based on the brutalist appearance of designer Thomas Heatherwick, combined with a red wooden elevator inspired by Japanese torii gates, and the “upward journey” design aesthetic of Asian designer André Fu, the space is filled with a smooth and seamless flow when moving between floors.
  • Aman Tokyo in Japan: Located in the center of Tokyo, it is known as serene cloud-brushing minimalism in the Japanese capital. Spanning the bustling financial district, it is located on the 33rd to 38th floors of the 38-story skyscraper. The airy 33rd-floor lobby, with its cathedral-high ceiling, is made of fine white washi paper that reflects abstract seasonal flowers and rocks on the water, framing the iconic landscape that symbolizes Tokyo’s epicness.

This ranking list is provided by William Reed Business Media in the UK. They have been evaluating “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” since 2002. This ranking is known as the Oscar Award in the restaurant industry, almost as famous as Michelin. In 2009, they started rating “The World’s 50 Best Bars” and it has received considerable attention every year. This year, it is the first time to enter the hotel industry and vote for the first “The World’s 50 Best Hotels”.

The first competition invited 580 important people with qualifications in the tourism industry as well as media reporters to participate. They ranked the seven best hotels they have stayed in in the past two years and compiled the results. In addition to the top five mentioned above, the sixth to tenth places are La Mamounia MARRAKECH in Morocco, Soneva Fushi Maldives, One&Only Mandarina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Four Seasons Firenze in Italy, and Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

Has this kind of travel living environment made you excited and ready to make plans? Pick a location you want, find the type of hotel you like, and arrange a trip you’ll never forget. After a busy life, use travel to reward yourself, stay away from complicated affairs, release stress, and replenish energy, so that you can return to life full of energy and continue on the next journey of life.

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