France Approves Abolition Of Domestic Flights That Can Be Made By Train

France approves the abolition of domestic flights that can be made by train. The decision comes just days after the French government approved a recapitalization of Air France. Environmental activists demand tougher measures to fight polluting emissions.

The French legislators have approved the abolition of internal flights routes that may be covered by train in a period shorter than two and a half hours. In this way, the French government wants to reduce carbon emissions even when the aviation sector is not going through its best moment due to the covid .

This decision is part of a project to him and even more ambitious climate that seeks to reduce emissions of polluting gases by 40% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, however, this does not seem enough for activists of the climate that they point to President Emmanuel Macron for reducing the previous aspirations of the project.

The BCN-MAD flight releases 115 kg of CO2 per passenger compared to zero for the AVE
The legislators’ vote came just days after the state said it would contribute to a 4 billion euro recapitalization of Air France . With this increase in the airline’s investment, the French government doubles its stake in the flagship airline to strengthen its finances after more than a year of travel cuts due to the coronavirus.

Opposing opinions
The Minister of Industry , Agnes Pannier-Runacher , has rejected the review of the sector. Aviation workers have stated that the moment of recovery from the pandemic is not appropriate to cancel domestic flights .

Analysts at consulting firm McKinsey predict that air traffic will not return to pre-crisis levels before 2024 . In addition, the minister added that there is no contradiction between the rescue of Air France and the fight against climate change.

“We know that aviation is a factor that contributes to the increase of carbon dioxide and that, with a view to climate change, we must reduce its emissions, ” Pannier-Runacher told radio Europe 1. “We must also support our companies. and do not let them stay on the road, “he ratified.

Some climate change advocates are of the opinion that the project does not delve into the issues as much as needed, that it does not go far enough. A citizen climate forum created by Macron to help shape climate policies had called for all flights to be removed over distances where the train journey was less than four hours .

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