The Pandemic Gives Sea Turtles Chance To Thrive

During the pandemic, people reduced their business and tourism activities, the city became quieter, and the ocean became cleaner. The world has come to life, and sea turtles have a chance to thrive.

San Francisco, CA (ADH News) – COVID-19 hits global health and the economy. As countries propose restrictions, human business and travel activities have decreased. People spend more time at home, fewer people in cities, closed attractions, seasides are quieter, and the number of sea turtles worldwide has increased.

Many countries have been affected by the epidemic, reducing business and tourism activities, which has stifled economic development and brought the world back to life. According to the New York Times, in a newly reopened New York City, travel and hotel costs are still relatively low, enticing some young people, retirees and families to make the trip. The reporter visited the tourists, and he said, “the subway is cleaner; it’s quieter.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that Beaches across California are much cleaner than in years past. Heal the Bay reported Tuesday that 93% of California’s beaches logged good water-quality marks between April and October 2020.

During the second wave of the severe Covid-19 pandemic, the process of burying the bodies on the banks of the Ganges caused amazement in India and internationally. So the police planned to launch a large-scale publicity campaign not to bury the bodies on the banks of the Ganges. And take proper cremation methods.

Last year and this summer, beaches in many countries were given a chance to rest to some extent. Residents in cities reduced their outings during holidays, fewer tourists visited the beaches, and the ocean was less polluted by garbage. For example, Taiwan’s outlying island – Xiaoliuqiu has been closed to tourists for two months. After the tourists disappeared, the sea surface became clean, and the turtles returned to hunting around the island.

The natural enemies of sea turtles are not necessarily sharks or seagulls. Humans are essential for the threats to the earth’s sea turtles. Therefore, the epidemic of COVID-19 is likely to bring some possibilities to sea turtles. The turtles returned to Florida in the spring of 2020. Last year, tourism in Florida had disappeared, and even Disney World had to close its doors. For a while, almost all seaside hotels were dark, which created a reduction in the possibility of artificial light causing sea turtles to lose their way. The beach is empty during the day and night, so few turtles are disturbed when they build their nests. Most public docks in Florida prohibit recreational boating, which makes people hope that ship strikes, a significant cause of turtle deaths, may also decrease in a period of time.

Apo Island in the Philippines once relied on tourism to help save the local economy. However, many tourists add up to 2.7 million tons of plastic waste to the country each year. Tourism has brought prosperity to the local economy and more conservation budgets. But a large number of tourists are affecting the sea turtle habitat. What happened when the pandemic brought the tourism industry to a halt?” we noticed the increasing number of sea turtles crawling to the island, even in places intended for tourists before Covid,” Angel Alcala says. “The undisturbed ecosystem is one of the major factors for the increase in the number of crawls.”

Wildlife and the planet itself is directly linked to our individual and collective behavior. We just need to make the best choices for their, and our, future.

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