Microsoft will Completely Remove Adobe Flash from Windows

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Microsoft announced last month that in order to help ensure the safety of our customers, Microsoft will remove the Adobe Flash component from Windows through the “KB4577586” update.

New York (ADH News) – Adobe will completely stop Flash technical support and development in 2020. It will officially end the Flash Player product life cycle on January 1 this year, and it is recommended that users remove Flash Player. Today, tens of thousands of companies are still using Adobe Flash-related programs internally. They are constantly looking for possible solutions, while other companies are looking for a complete migration method.

Microsoft has announced that it will release two more Windows 10 updates in June and July. These updates will permanently no longer support Adobe Flash Player components. Since October last year, the update KB4577586, which is an optional update, has been called the “update to remove Adobe Flash Player.” Now, it seems to be ready for wider deployment.

Flash Player has been plagued by multiple security issues, including serious security vulnerabilities. It has long been abused by various malicious actors to trick end users into downloading or executing malicious software. Last October, Microsoft released KB4577586 as an optional update for Windows systems. The secret codename hides a simple tool, which is simply described by Microsoft as an update that will “remove Adobe Flash Player from Windows machines.” Importantly, it will only remove the Flash installation bundled with Windows tools, but it will not remove third-party or user installations.

Windows 10 version 21H1 will be the first operating system version that cannot use Adobe Flash Player. After the update, users will no longer be able to use Adobe Flash Player, and ordinary users will not be able to install it by themselves.

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